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The Family of Barbara and Sherwin Sokolov
Mark Sokolov's
Bar Mitzvah March 8, 1975
Barbara Schanz
College Graduation June 1957
Summer 1999
Judith Sokolov Age 3
Judith Sokolov Age 1
Mark Sokolov Age 1
Mark Sokolov Age 9
Cheryl Sokolov Age 1-1/2
Cheryl Sokolov Age 3
Summer 1999
Sherwin Sokolov
College Graduation June 1956
August 25, 1957
Cheryl Sokolov  Age 5-1/2
Judith Sokolov Age 11
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July 2007
50th Wedding Anniversary Celebration
Our Kids and Grandkids at Harbor Springs, MI
Brooklyn, NY - Jennifer Sokolov's Wedding to Damon Whittemore - August 6, 2007
Mark Sokolov's
Bar Mitzvah March 8, 1975

Sherwin and Barbara, Their Children,and Their Spouses, and All of Their Grandchildren at Danielle Leavitt's Bat Mizvah November 11, 2007
Sherwin and Smokey the Bear Have a Heart-to-Heart Talk in Anchorage, Alaska
September 2006
Four Generations
Barbara Sokolov, Lillian Schanz, Judye Sokolov, Regina Juskovitz